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1 hr ago

Heritage Explains: The Dignity of Work

This week on the “Heritage Explains” podcast, Vijay Menon, a research assistant for domestic policy studies at Heritage, discusses policy proposals that are degrading the dignity of work. How did we get to this point and how can we fix it?

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Mar 14

Heritage President on Neomi Rao’s Confirmation to Federal Bench

"America has the best, most independent, judicial system in the world and we need the right kind of judges to keep it that way. America needs judges who know their proper role and will not bend to public or political pressure," said Heritage President Kay Coles James. "Neomi Rao is well qualified to serve on any federal court – even the American Bar Association says so – but especially for the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington."

Mar 14

Heritage Experts Applaud Senate's Confirmation of William Beach

“Bill Beach was the long-time (and founding) director of The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis," said Heritage's Norbert Michel. "He is a gifted economist with a long track record of overseeing original statistical research on topics such as labor, Social Security, trade, and tax."

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Mar 13

Drivers of Growing Spending

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Federal spending will increase by more than $2.9 trillion through 2028. Three major budget categories—health care, social security, and interest on the debt—will account for 84 percent of this spending growth.

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Mar 12

Heritage Responds to President Trump’s FY2020 Budget

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